Combining meticulous research, innovative design, and precision testing to deliver safety solutions that redefine industry standards.


We blend creativity with precision, utilizing advanced 3D CAD technology to meticulously craft ergonomic and aesthetically appealing safety solutions.


We pride ourselves on originality, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to create unique and groundbreaking safety products that stand out in the market.


Our QA encompasses strict protocols and continuous monitoring, ensuring each product goes beyond industry standards fulfilling customer expectations with superior performance, reliability, and safety.


We streamline glove production by combining sewing, ironing, and quality checks into a single, efficient operation. This innovative approach speeds up production, cuts waste, and underscores our dedication to sustainability.

Global Compliance

Our compliance with international safety standards is uncompromising. Each Libermann product carries the mark of global certifications, ensuring legal and ethical adherence across borders and industries.

Customer-Centric Approach

We listen, adapt, and innovate based on the feedback and needs of our customers. Our approach is to create solutions that not only serve but enhance the user experience, fostering loyalty and trust.

Advanced Material Science

Harnessing the latest advancements in material science, we engineer gloves that set a new precedent for durability, flexibility, and protection, empowering professionals in the most demanding environments.

Sustainability and Eco-Innovation

Sustainability is integral to our business model. We invest in eco-innovation, from raw materials to manufacturing processes, to ensure our footprint is as light as our gloves.

20+ Awards

Over 20 prestigious awards in community service, industry, healthcare, and education.

30+ Technologies Created

We have created 30+ technologies that continue to serve throughout the globe.