Committed to making an impact on the environment, society, and the economy.


We prioritize reducing plastic waste and promoting a healthier environment.


9300+ Trees planted and 3 Miyawaki forests initiated

Migration to
Paperless business

We strive to minimize paper usage and maximize efficiency.

Electrical Energy Conservation

Reducing our electrical energy usage and lowering our environmental impact.


Designing our products and processes to be restorative, recyclable, and waste-free.


At Libermann, we prioritize sustainability in every layer of our operations. We're dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint while providing high-quality protective gloves for our customers. In the last years, we've implemented several initiatives to minimize waste, reduce energy consumption, and promote eco-friendly practices.


Reduction in carbon emission


Reduction in water conservation


Consumption of renewable energy

Water Filtration Plan

Clean drinking water is a necessity for every human being. Libermann International installed water filter plants in remote areas for underprivileged people.

Subsidized Household Grocery

Libermann International provides subsided monthly grocery to employees for their families to facilitate them for living a decent life.